My vibrating plate
Manufacturer Enfield India
Model Bullet
Build in 2003
Cylinder 1 (that's enough)
Motor Lombardini LD 440
Bore / Stroke 70 mm / 90 mm
Displacement 440 ccm
Power 11,8 PS
Gearbox 4 speed (on the right side and upside down)
Acceleration Yes
Top speed 90, upward not so fast
Fuel Diesel
Fuel consumption 0.9 - 2.5 Liter/100km
Fuel capacity 13 Liter
Range up to 900 km
Electric 12 Volt
Electronics What?
Brakes front duplex, rear and sidecar simple drum brake
Seats 2
Trunk volume A little space in the sidecar
Special you can drive with or without sidecar
Remark From time to time the motor quits. Forgotten to fill Diesel in ;-)
Please help I like to put pure rapeseel oil in it. If you have some information, please send it to me