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01/2012   Added an new language: Frankonian dialect
01/2012   Again completely new design
12/2011   Removed "Software Comparison"
11/2011   Video "Royal Enfield Clubman Part II" added
06/2010   Video "Royal Enfield Clubman Part I" added
02/2010 Screenshot Completely new design
01/2010   Removed "Scanning-tunneling-microskope"
01/2009 Screenshot Doing all in PHP
09/2008   Removed "Stories"
09/2008   Added "Faro PowerGage"
09/2008   Added "Delcam PowerInspect"
10/2008   Added video "Diesel on Tour 2"
09/2008   Added "Faultfinders"
09/2008 Screenshot Homepage made completely new.
07/2008 Screenshot Added video "Diesel on Tour 2"
10/2005 Screenshot Some changes in design and added "Motorcycles"
11/2004 Screenshot Added "Scanning-tunneling-microskope"
11/2004   Added "Mahr Perthometer PCV"
03/2001 Screenshot New Design
06/2000 Screenshot First Release of Rudi the rat
05/2000 Screenshot Added "Pictures", "Downloads" and "Humor"
02/1999 Screenshot Release of the first web page