For all those faultfinders

Surely, software written by me has some bugs and has not all the features you like to have. Also the GUI could be nicer and more professional. Why is there no mouse pointer? Because I know my software and I do not need a mouse! Because I wrote the software for my own! And I also do not need helpfiles.
But why do I put the software in the internet for download? It's easy to explain! Maybe there is someone in the wide world who needs this software or just finds some suggestions.

Yes, I know... The pages for measuring maschines are bad translated and are not complete. You don't have to tell me this. But there are many polite questions. And I try to answer as good as I can and my knowledge allows this.

I also know that there are lots of websites which are nicer and better programmed than mine. My website looks like this because I like it. Otherwise I would design it another way, or not? But therefore my website contains somewhat useful information ( I think )

OK, now sit down and read carefully what I write!

Why was the internet probably made? No, not for all this commerce stuff. But for making information exchange possible. That is what internet was made for. Nothing else! I try to contribute my part. And I try to answer always polite, if I am asked something. But it seems to be that some users of the internet have to learn this. I don't like to say "In former times everything was better" But nowadays you find answers in forums and newsgroups which turn my hair more grey than it already is! You ask polite and get the answer "Did you google?". Yes I did, otherwise I would not ask, (Expletive deleted)!

And where do you think the information in the internet comes from? Down from heaven? No the information is provided by people, who have the opinion that their information is useful for others. And mostly free of charge. I have, like many private people, no blinking advertising on my website. I do not like them and I do not need the 5 cent. I pay about 10 Euro per month to provide information for people who are asked "Did you google?". In order to share my knowledge. And I will not let me give name from some stupid running around (Expletive deleted), because something does not please him! If there is no pleasing information for you, sit down for hours and prepare the information and put it in the internet, like many others. But you only nag instead of being part of sharing knowledge. Internet is giving and taking!

So spread your poison elsewhere. Then I don't have to waste my time with your (Expletive deleted) emails. Then I can use my time for those who really need help and information.

What actually means (Explentive deleted)? -> Did you already google?

To all the other

In the time when Richard Nixon was president of the USA this expression became well known. The recordings of his discussions were full of wild curse words, which one could not expect to the american public. In newspaper articles each of its curse words was replaced by "expletive deleted" (Filler omitted).