Just a few Links... In german, english or both
Enfield-Motors Flo's Enfield store
Enfield-Diesel Horst Beckedorf's Diesel Enfield
Hitchcock Motorcycles Spare parts and accessory
Royal Enfield India Royal Enfield India
ProSideCar Sidecar training
RC-Motorradshop Radio controlled motorcycles
CNC maschine
EAT Elektronische Antriebs-Technik Stepper motors, servo motors, controllers
ISEL-Automation Stepper motors, servo motors controller, aluminium parts
Measuring maschines
Mahr Everything you need for measuring
Delcam Software for measuring maschines
Faro Measuring arms. Laser tracker and Laser scanner
All about programming and computers
Matthias Pauls Homepage If you are interested in DOS, this might be a good site for you.
(The link http://www.uni-bonn.de/~uzs180/mpdokger.html unfortunately not exists any more)
J.R. Stockton Great site about programming date and time
Garbo PC-archives Source code for everything by Prof. Timo Salmi
Internet History the name says all
The Dot eaters History of video games and computers
Die Geschichte der Rechenhilfsmittel The story of calculating tools
Way back maschine This internet archive saves the history of websites since 1996
Fachhochschule Würzburg-Schweinfurt Many thanks to Prof. Poddig and Mr. Spieß for all the help
My homeland
thirdreichruins Lots of pictures and descriptions about the destruction of my hometown during world war II
Schweinfurt The town I live
Frankentourismus tourist guide franconia - Schweinfurt
Landkreis Schweinfurt The region around Schweinfurt
Unterfranken District lower Franconia
Das Unterfränkische Dialektinstitut A part of the university in Würzburg which studies frankonian dialect
Unterfränkisch in Wikipedia German article about the frankonian dialect
Frankenland-Versand At this website you can order a lot of franconian souvenirs
Bayern wolln mer net Let Franconia be free
SKF Group My employer
SKF Group My employer